Ubrique / Industrial Leather.

Ubrique / Industrial Leather in Spain

Country of the crafting :Spain
Region of the crafting :Andalucia
Town of the crafting :Ubrique
Type of the crafting :Fur and skin

1. Craft characteristics
Connoisseurs of leather work technique s as well as foreign traffickers meet and share the different traditions of leather craft work in Ubrique. The skin trade in Andalucia acquired a fully international character. In the middle of the 18th century, leather workshops began to open in Ubrique. the flasks (small leather cases for carrying tobacco) begin to be manufactured almost industrially. It is from then on when Ubrique’sfame begins to grow.

2. The materials
The leather isbasically animal skin treated by tanning. It comes from a layer of fabric that covers the animal sand has properties of strength and flexibility appropriate for subsequent handling. The layer of skin is separated from the animals’ bodies, the hair or wool is removed, except in cases where this hairy cover is to be retained in the final result, and is then subjected to tanning process. The leather isused as a primary material for other processing. Theart of developing the leather for manufactured products is called leather goods, a word that comes from the Moroccan, a type of leather glossyand thin.

Ubrique / Industrial Leather. crafting Presentation

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