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Iceland’s arts and crafts have fight against its cold climate with creative ideas.

Iceland has one of the better wool quality in the world and Icelandic hand knit woolens are one of the most familiar products that people bring back from a visit to Iceland and that is made thorough the island. There is even an Icelandic Knit Fest, an annual event celebreted in Blönduós

Wool blankets with traditional geometrical designs are also a very important craft product in Iceland and we can find an association (The Handknitting Association of Iceland ) which helps artistans to develop, and of course sell, their products.

Forgery and leatherware are also an important crafts very tied to the horse culture in Iceland mostly in the north part in the island in the region of Skagafjörður. Fishing is a very important industrial activity in Iceland and some artisans have developed a very curious craft from a part of the fish which was useless, the have developed a technique to prepare the fish skin as leather which can be used to create beautiful wallets and other high quality products.

In the south of the island were those materials are more abundant, There are crafters who specialize in drawing beauty from lava rocks and create decorative motives with them.

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