Udder Skin

Udder Skin in Spain

Country of the crafting :Spain
Region of the crafting :Andalucia
Town of the crafting :Cadiz
Type of the crafting :Fur and skin

1. Geographic Area
This craft is located in Spain, more specifically in the province of Andalusia in the city of Cadiz

2. Craft characteristics
Leatherworking consists of the art of working leather in its different forms and products.

3. The technique
The work of the leather consists of separating the skin from the animal and then treating it to be able to make a textile or decorative use with it. For it after having the design to follow we proceed with the cut of the leather, the fretwork that is to perfect the cut of this material, after the cut we proceed to fix the material to obtain the chosen design and it is sealed using thread.

4. Used materials
Materials used: leather, paper and glue
Used tools: punch, blades, ruler, pencil, pyrograph,
Embossers and hammer
Used equipment: roughing machine

5. History
juan luis casillas is a craftsman from ubrique who received the letter from
the master craftsman in his work with leather
He started working in leather when he was 14 years old and has been doing
it ever since.
He also assures that for him leather is much more than a job, it represents
the culture and history of the people where he was born, and that is why he
tries to teach this art to the younger generations so that this piece of history
is not lost.

Udder Sking crafting Presentation

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