Cantabrian wood Shoes

Cantabrian wood Shoes in Spain

Country of the crafting: Spain
Region of the crafting: Cantabria
Type of the crafting: Wood

1. Geographic area
These Albarcas, as the name says, are originally from Cantabria.

2. Craft characteristics
Cantabrian apricot is a wooden shoe made of one piece, which has been used especially by the farmers of Cantabria. The art of the Albarquero (artisan of the albarca) was an important complementary activity for the traditional workers of the field and the grazing.

3. The technique
The piece of wood is emptied to build the “house” where the foot will enter. Finally it is cut decoratively. Requires around 20-30h per piece.

4. Used materials
It is made mainly of chestnut, alder or birch wood.

5. History
The use of these shoes is cited for the first time in a 1657 document by King Philip IV. It was used to protect the feet from water and dirt from the ground when working on food and agriculture. Its “targos” or lower heels give rise to the foot, facilitating agility when walking.

Cantabrian wood Shoes crafting Presentation

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