Niello’s Damascene

Niello’s Damascene in Spain Country of the crafting :Spain Region of the crafting :Castilla La Mancha Town of the crafting :Toledo Type of the crafting :Jewellery 1. Geographic Area Toledo has long been the main European center, although the most modern production is machine-made, sometimes in tin instead of steel.2.Craft characteristics It is a craft […]

Jewelery “Religious Goldsmith and Silversmith”

Jewelery “Religious Goldsmith and Silversmith” in Spain Country of the crafting: Spain Region of the crafting: Andalucía Town of the crafting: Málaga Type of the crafting: Jewellery 1. Geographic Area This activity is done in all Andalucia’s region, but more specifically in Málaga (a south city). It’s practised also in little villages of the province, […]

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