Wicker Baskets

Wicker Baskets in Spain Country of the crafting :SpainRegion of the crafting :AndaluciaTown of the crafting :JaenType of the crafting :Vegetable fibres 1. CharacteristicsTraditional basketry craftsmen select the branches and stems, either using all their thickness or cutting them lengthwise, to achieve homogeneous thicknesses, ideal for weaving baskets?.The wicker is very easy to work, foldable, […]


Pleita in Spain Country of the crafting: Spain Region of the crafting: Andalucia Type of the crafting: Vegetable fibres 1. What is esparto? Esparto is a plant known and used by man to make all kinds of tools since ancient times. Its Area of extension is rather small, although typical of the Mediterranean coast, it […]

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