Sugar Cane Harvesting and Milling technique

Sugar Cane Harvesting and Milling technique in Spain

Country of the crafting: Spain
Region of the crafting: Andalucia
Town of the crafting: Motril
Type of the crafting: Others

1. Geographic Area
this craft is located in the spanish territory, in the province of andalusia more specifically in the comunity of granada

2. Craft characteristics
This work consist in made the famous motril´s rum
this is a difficult work because this rum comes from the sugarcane and is difficult to search this product with a good quality

3. The technique
The technique consist in the manipulation of sugarcane to get the sugar juice the juice is purified and filtrate by the process of crystallisation and the we get a product like syrup last they do the fermentation of the product in 24/30 hours.

4. Materials
They use: sugar cane tools like axes wooden containers for the fermentation bottlers for the marketing of the product.

5. History
This rum began to be made with sugar cane since he arrived in the peninsula a rum lover and entrepreneur called Francisco Montero began to distill rum in a secret way and with a magnificent end. since his death his winery has followed in generation and generation and currently has published a book with his biography called the genuine Spanish rum, 50 years of purity and tradition.

Sugar Cane Harvesting and Milling technique crafting Presentation

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