Tradition and Innovation United In Ceramics Molded By the Mediterranean.

Tradition and Innovation United In Ceramics Molded. By the Mediterranean, in Spain

Country of the crafting :Spain
Region of the crafting :Andalucía
Town of the crafting :Almería
Type of the crafting :Glass, ceramic and pottery

1. Location and history
The small clay figures were in the Upper Paleolithic, although it is in the
Neolithic when the interior space that gave rise to the first vessels, cooked on fires, appears.The invention of ceramics ocurred during the Neolithic period, when vessels were necessary to store the surplus of the crops produced by the practice of agriculture.

2. Process and techniques
The manufacture of ceramic components takes place as follows: the raw material is clay. Water, silica, lead, tin and metal oxides are used (depending on the type of ceramic ). Grind them to a very fine powder or mix the most appropiate proportion. Cooked at about 1000° C, enamel is removed and reintroduced into the oven at a temperature of 1250° C or more.

3. Used materials
The ceramic pieces are manufactured from natural clays and mineral components, mixed with additives of diffent nature. Ceramic materials are composed of inorganic solids, metallic or not, which have been subjected to heat. Its base is usually clay, but there are different compositions.Common clay is a ceramic paste.

Tradition and Innovation United In Ceramics Molded By the Mediterranean. crafting Presentation

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