Baskets With Olive Rods

Baskets With Olive Rods in Spain

Country of the crafting: Spain
Region of the crafting: Andalucia
Town of the crafting: Córdoba and Jaén
Type of the crafting: Vegetable fibres

This artisan process is very complex. When the olive branches harvest start in summer, artisans clean the sticks from leaves and they classify them.

In the tissue process the artisans place sixteen pairs of star-shaped double crochet. the pairs are tied and surrounded with other thinner sticks to form the base on which the “ribs”, or pairs of cages, in the form of a cage, which serve as a guide to form the basket wall are placed.

Once the wall is made, the edge and the handle are worked.Green olive branches are the only main materials used for this purpose. the olive branch is generally not stored, being used immediately after harvesting, after allowing it to dry for a few days.This is an ancient handicraft worked in Andalusia for centuries, since this region has always been plenty of olive trees.

For a long time, andalusian olive tree dayworkers used this practical baskets to carry their amounts of olives and other farm products. Nowadays baskets have been replaced with mechanic techniques, but fortunately there are some artisans who keep the tradition.

Baskets With Olive Rods crafting Presentation

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