Rum of Motril.

Rum of Motril, in Spain

Country of the crafting: Spain
Region of the crafting: Andalucia
Town of the crafting: Granada
Type of the crafting: Others

1. Geographic Area
This activity is now known internationally, but the original Area is Motril. Motril is a town situated in the south of the province of Granada, near the sea. It’s located there for many reasons but one of the main reason is because the climate, the mediterranean climate. It helps also the poduction of the ron, because the temperature favors it.

2. Craft characteristics
This activity has many processes and techniques to do to get the famous Motril’s Ron, an alcoholic drink. It’s an elaborate process because the used materials come from the nature (sugarcane) and it’s not easy to find it in a good condition, fur ther when the sugarcane it’s available they have to follow many processes to get finally the Motril”s Ron.

3. The technique
The technique used consist of processing sugarcanes. Once the sugarcane it’s get, they’ve to grind it to obtain the sugarjuice.Later the juice is purified and it’s filtered and heated with the process called “crystallisation”. the result of the process is like a “syrup” called in spanish melaza. After all the product suffer a fermentation between 24-30hours.

4. Used Materials
The used materials are principally the sugarcane that it has to be obtained in big quantities to have the most benefitspossible. And also there are essentials tools to ease the work of the people like the ax, a sugarcane pressed residue, a big funnel and a bottlingtape.

Rum of Motril. crafting Presentation

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