SevilliiGlass and Ceramics

SevilliiGlass and Ceramics in Spain

Country of the crafting: Spain
Region of the crafting: Andalucia
Town of the crafting: Sevilla
Type of the crafting: Glass, ceramic and pottery

1. Geographic Area
La Cartuja is a land in the city of Seville located between two arms of the Guadalquivir river, one alive river and the other a dock. It is understood that the island begins at the bridge of the Christ of the Expiration, where there is a narrow land between the two arms of the river, and ends at the Ronda Supernorte, where the Guadalquivir dock ends. It belongs to the district of Triana.

2. Craft characteristics
Title: Cartuja Ceramics
Category: Glass, ceramics and pottery Country: Andalusia, Spain Provided by: UMA Source: internet

3. The technique
A solid mixture is spread over the mold and dried. A liquid mixture is prepared and injected into plaster molds for the first firing, at 1,120 degrees for 12 hours. the pieces are then bathed in a liquid porous container before decorating. the color is fixed with a second baked between 700 and 850 degrees for 20 hours, then immersed in white enamel. It is baked for the last time at 1,015 degrees for 12 hours.

4. Used materials
– England clay
– Burela kaolin
– Cadiz sand
– Calcium carbonate
– Silica
– Feldspar

5. History
The founder of La Cartuja de Sevilla, Marquis Charles de Pickman, arrives in Seville in 1841 with the idea of establishing a new factory of fine crockery of the highest quality, to compete with the dominance of English brands. Taking advantage of the confiscation decreed by Mendizábal, he acquires the Cartujo Monastery of Santa María de las Cuevas where he finds the ideal conditions for his purpose.Since the foundation of the factory in 1841, Charles “Carlos” Pickman established novel methods such as the import of raw materials, the use of molds, the use of specialized machinery such as mechanical arms and presses, the work of English specialists and all the Ceramist experience of the founder that was the initial success of the factory.

SevilliiGlass and Ceramics crafting Presentation

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