Kiss of Death Sculpture

Kiss of Death Sculpture in Spain

Country of the crafting: Spain
Region of the crafting: Cataluña
Town of the crafting: Barcelona
Type of the crafting: Marble, stone and plaster

1. Geographic Area
The Kiss of Death, (El Petó de la Mort) in Catalan is a marble sculpture, located in the cemetery of Poblenou in Barcelona.

2. Craft characteristics
This structure is mainly made of marble a durable material of aesthetic beauty, at the same time ecological and compatible with the environment.

3. The technique
In the technique of marble in a sculpture we begin by cutting the piece dry with a grinder or wet with a radial. Then we carved the piece with various materials such as pneumatic hammers, chisels, gradients… It is necessary to have skill since it is a complicated handmade work since the piece can be cracked. To shine and beautify we have to polish the piece with diamond sandpaper.

4. Used materials
As we have said the materials used in this work is from the piece made of marble in which we will work to the tools with which we will give it shape and value.

5. History
The kiss of death is the petrification of sadness. of the funeral. It is the story of claws that are stuck in young meat for almost a century. A winged skeleton that kisses a handsome young man on the forehead and if not deceased, fainted.The really scary thing about The Kiss of Death is not death itself. Make things easier, what a doubt. But the scary thing is the sweetness. The possibility that death is not traumatic.

6. Youtube video

Kiss of Death Sculpture crafting Presentation

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