The Kiss of Death Sculpture

The Kiss of Death Sculpture in Spain

Country of the crafting: Spain
Region of the crafting: Catalonia
Town of the crafting: Barcelona
Type of the crafting: Marble, stone and plaster

1. History
The commission was made to the workshop of Jaume Barba, who has always been awarded the creation of the sculpture, but since the master was 70 years old when it was made, it seems more truthful the version that the work was made by Joan Fontbernal who was the master’s and is the master’s e-in-law and is or most qualified in the workshop, although the back of the ribs of the sculpture that has a striking realism, is also attributed to Artemi Barba. Around 1930 the Llaudet family lost a son in his youth and wanted to make a sculpture for his tomb.

2. Geographic Area
This craft is located in Spain, more specifically in the province of CataliƱa in the city of Barcelona.

3. The materials
As a material only marble was used but the utensils to make the sculpture are molding and refining of the sculpture such as hammer and chisel are used.

4. The technique
The blows used by the carver can be applied directly with another harder pebble. That receives the blow and transmits it to the rock, either by damping the impact or directing it to a specific point. the technique used is the stone sculpture technique .

5. The technique used is the stone sculpture technique
The similar work of art represents the scene in death, personified in the figure of the skeleton, goes to look for this young man and takes him to his kingdom through a kiss. Is going to look for the living when their time comes and with this tool relentlessly cuts the link between man and earthly existence, others with religious connotation

6. Multimedia
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The Kiss of Death Sculpture crafting Presentation

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