Stone Marble Sculpture – Carved Stone.The Kiss of Death Sculpture

Stone Marble Sculpture – Carved Stone. The Kiss of Death Sculpture in Spain

Country of the crafting: Spain
Region of the crafting: Cataluña
Town of the crafting: Barcelona
Type of the crafting: Marble, stone and plaster

1. Geographic Area
This craft is located in Spain, more specifically in the province of Cataluña in the city of Barcelona.

2. Craft characteristics
The kiss of death statue is a symbol of sadness. this statue is formed by a human being and the figure symbolizing death giving him a kiss death is symbolized as a skeleton and wings characterizing itself as a fallen angel this statue is made of marble.

3. The technique
The technique used is the stone sculpture technique Sculpting consists of removing particles from the already roughing block until obtaining the intended figure. To mold is to give a paste the desired shape by adding or removing portions of dough.

4. Used materials
In this sculpture the marble and utensils for the molding and refining of the sculpture such as hammer and chisel are used.

5. History
This sculpture is placed in a cemetery in Barcelona as commissioned by someone, it is believed that the author is Jaume Barba but some people believe that he could not be the one who did it and that it was Joan Fontbernat because jaume beard was 70 years old.

Stone Marble Sculpture – Carved Stone.The Kiss of Death Sculpture crafting Presentation

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