Alabaster Carving

Alabaster Carving in Spain

Country of the crafting: Spain
Region of the crafting: Aragon
Type of the crafting: Marble, stone and plaster

It’s made of plaster.There are alabaster mines in different parts of Europe.
The alabaster has many applications, both in architecture, as in lighting
and or namentation. The technique of sculpting consists in extracting, by means of a hammer and a chisel, a punch or a chisel, the excess material to give shape to the figure that has been previously drawn. The material used in alabaster carving is mainly the plaster that crystallizes with light colors. the hammer, chisel and punch are used. Alabaster, a word that comes from the Latin alabastrum, is a variety of gypsum stone calcium sulfate that comes in a compact form, contrary to selenite, which is a fibrous variety. Its name comes from the ancient Greek  which designated a vessel without handles, because alabaster was used to make perfume vessels without handles.

Alabaster Carving crafting Presentation

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