Sugarcane Menda technique

Sugarcane Menda technique in Spain

Country of the crafting: Spain
Region of the crafting: Andalucía
Town of the crafting: Andalucía
Type of the crafting: Others

Cane products not only sugar is prodduced from that spiky and tall stem of the cane it is a plant that offers various products and by-products, nothing is wated from sugarcane, its leaves and bagasse are used in animal feed such as catttle and pigs, the technique isused to reproduce this rum is to produce the sugarcane, the harvesting and crushing os the raw material takes place to obtain the sugar juice from the sugar cane, initially this progress was considered a product derived from the sugarcane industry. the juice is purified filtered and heated using the technique called crystallization by wich sugar is crystalliced.

Sugarcane Menda technique crafting Presentation

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