Knots Crafting

Knots Crafting in Spain

Country of the crafting: Spain
Type of the crafting: Others

1. Geographic area
the knots do not have a specific area, is known by all countries and do not have a country of origin

2. Craft characteristics
A knot is an intentional complication in a cord, for useful or decorative
reasons. Practical knots can be classified as hooks, folds, splices or knots.
the knots are used in navigation, mountaineering, decoration and other
arts.A Knot, in the strictest sense, serves as a stop or fist at the end of a rope
to prevent that end from sliding,through an eyelet or eye.

3. History
from ancient times until today, knots have always been used by man,
although in many different ways and applications. Although historically it
has had a fundamentally practical utility. It also highlights its role as a
symbolic and decorative element in the plastic arts, in clothing, in studies
on heraldry, among other area s.1the history of the knot precedes that of
the rope, since it can be made from a simple branch or a stem. In
fact,there is even news of knots made in the animal kingdom.

4.  Used materials
Ropes, cords and cables made of natural fibers or synthetic materials. Noble
materials such as linen, cotton, gold and silver cord are also used for
decorative purposes.

5. Process

1- Make a simple knot. : forms a loop that resembles that of a roller coaster. insert one end of the rope into the loop. Pull both ends in opposite directions, so that the knot tenses.

2- Tie a guide knot: hold one end of the rope in each hand. Make a loop with the end of the rope in the left hand. It must be under the main part of the rope. Pass the end of the rope in your right hand through the loop you made with the left. the right end should come towards you as it passes through the loop. Bring the right end up and around the left end.Pull the right end again through the loop. This time, the end should get away from you. Pull the two ends apart, so that the knot is tight.

3- Make a plain knot: hold one end of the rope in each hand. Cross the end of the right hand over the end of the left hand, so that the rope forms an x. Wrap end a so that it goes under end b and comes out again. Pass end a over end b to form a half knot. Place the top part of end a above end b. Bring end a over end b to form a simple knot. Pull firmly on the four “ends” that come out of the knot.

Knots Crafting crafting Presentation

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