Lemko Glass Bead Necklace

Lemko Glass Bead Necklace in Poland

Country of the crafting :Poland

Region of the crafting :Hutzul

Type of the crafting :Glass, ceramic and pottery

These jewels are a unique product of the Lemko ethnic minority of the Hutzul region, in the southeastern tip of Poland in the Carpathian mountain range.
Krywulki is the name given to beaded necklaces, which are made in a small loom or with a needle, through a meticulous and patient threaded of 2 mm beads in a strong thread.
Poland, Carpathian and Bieszczady mountain
3)Before the war, rich young women often used versions up to 15 cm wide, which closely resembled necklaces. the less well-off used to afford only a narrow piece, which they wore with an embroidered blouse and a corset
Lemko Glass Bead Necklace crafting Presentation

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