Carpentry and Trim.

Carpentry and Trim in Spain

Country of the crafting: Spain
Region of the crafting: Andalucía
Town of the crafting: Malaga
Type of the crafting: Fur and skin

1. Geographic area
Is located in the province of Andalucía more specifically in Málaga.

2. Craft characteristics
The trim or woodworking is the art of working various leather goods or fittings for cavalry. Garrison is considered to be all elements of the sword that serve to hold it or to protect the hand or hands that wield it, as well as to the manufacture or arrangement of cavalry saddles, albardas and tackles: mounts for horses and albards and apa R (to assemble the animals) for asses and mules.

3. The technique
There are several technique s and among them are the cutting technique , dyeing technique , engraving technique and roughing technique .

4. Used materials
For the leather work it is necessary to have some specialized tools and materials, within the elementals that we have: Tools:Hammer, Insoles, tweezers, scissors, punches, ruler, compass, wood scraper, letter and number markers, and riveters. Materials: leather, canvas, fat wool.

5. History
The woodworking shop was founded in the 16s and early twentieth century in Medellin, when Don Castor Arango had a warehouse of articles and inputs for the field, saw the opportunity to create his own woodworking to meet a great demand for that time. Currently the company has a much wider product portfolio offering items not only for dairy, but for all equestrian activities. It still retains the original technique with which it was worked from the beginning, since the product offered is made entirely by hand and with rigorously selected raw materials.

Carpentry and Trim. crafting Presentation

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