Sugar Cane Harvest

Sugar Cane Harvest in Spain

Country of the crafting: Spain
Region of the crafting: AndalucĂ­a
Town of the crafting: Motril
Type of the crafting: Others

1. Location and History
Sugarcane is native to New Guinea. the ancient navigators took it to india, from where it spread to China and other regions of the east. This happened around 4,500 BC.

2. Process and technique
Divide the sugar cane stalks into pieces 30 cm.Dig several furrows in a sunny planting place. Moisten the grooves. Plant the sugarcane. Wait until the sugar cane grows.

3. Used Materials
Sugarcane seed can be defined as the vegetative planting material, which must be between 7-9 months old and that propagates into pieces 35-40cm long.The material used as a seed must be pure in terms , of variety, vigorous in its germination and free of pests and diseases.

Sugar Cane Harvest crafting Presentation

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