Wicker Weaving Wicker Baskets

Wicker Weaving Wicker Baskets in Spain

Country of the crafting: Spain
Region of the crafting: Malaga
Town of the crafting: Torremolinos
Type of the crafting: Vegetable fibres

1. Geographic Area
This work is done all over Spain by specialized craftsmen

2. Craft characteristics
The characteristics of wicker fabrics are the elasticity with which you can
work and do them as traditional baskets or more modern things since it has a good durability so that it doesn’t break.

3. The technique
The artisans classify the reamas by sizes after boiling them to increase their hardness After taking them out and letting them rest, they clean their color then when making the products, scissors and natural glue are used

4. Used materials
The materials are basically scissors for cutting and water to talk about it because the rest is done with the hands.

5. History
Antonio Martínez Ruiz, from graphic design and craftsman cestero vocation, this duality coexists in his way of doing, thinking and innovating in crafts. It was not enough to master the art of basketry, its talent, its restlessness and the adversities of a market constantly attacked by a competition that takes advantage of cheap, practical and low quality, made it essential to turn around in its activity. Thus supported by his imagination, his trade and initiative, this craftsman began to make artistic and exclusive pieces that moved away from traditional basketry.

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Wicker Weaving Wicker Baskets crafting Presentation

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