Master Ceramist

Master Ceramist in Spain

Country of the crafting: Spain
Region of the crafting: Andalucia
Town of the crafting: Cordoba
Type of the crafting: Glass, ceramic and pottery

1. Geographic Area
This craft is located in Spain, more specifically in the province of Andalusia in the city of Cordoba.

2. Characteristics
Name: Damián Ponce
Place: España,Andalucía,Córdoba
category: glass, ceramics and pottery
Provided by: AE

3. The technique
This sculptor uses hand-molded porcelain so that each of his compositions is a unique piece.

4. History
Damian Ponce is a sculptor who uses porcelain for his figures. Ceramist master Damián Ponce was born in 1951. He owns a workshop located in Castro del Río which is a town located in Córdoba. When he was nineteen he decided to turn his passion into his profession and began studying ceramics. It began as part of the Andalusian federation of artisans. where he conveyed a new concept of craftsmanship with humility. He received the prize “la Carta de Maestro Artesano del Gobierno Andaluz” for his work his most important pieces are his replicas of the meninas.

Master Ceramist crafting Presentation

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