Stained Glass techniques

Stained Glass technique s in Spain

Country of the crafting: Spain
Region of the crafting: Andalucia
Town of the crafting: Málaga
Type of the crafting: Glass, ceramic and pottery

1. Geographic area.
Is located in the province of andalucía more specifically in málaga.

2. Craft characteristics.
– The leaded, showcases are decorative windows made with small sections of glass held by “cames”.
– The technique used is that of colored glass where the “cames” of colors are fused.
– The main material used is the glass called “came” wich is made from smaller pieces of glass to create huge sections of glass that will become leaded windows.

3. The technique.
The blowing technique made large-scale production possible and changed the category of glass making it a material of frequent use, it was possible with this to make pieces of glass of a size that allowed its use in sheets, three were used mainly used methods, ciba or crown glass, blowing in molds and blowing cylinders that once flattened allows the realization of wider parts. Other flat glass manufacturing systems are cast glass; stretched or printed, as well as making dallas or thick glass blocks made by pouring liquid glass into iron molds.

4. Used materials.
The material used is glass. glass is an amorphous solid material or a subcooled liquid of infinite viscosity. It is defined as a rigid material at very high viscosity room temperature and without crystallization signals, formed from inorganic compounds.

5. History.
The oldest preserved stained glass windows are in the augsburg cathedral in germany, dated between 1050 and 1150. the stained glass window had its period of splendor between the twelfth and sixteenth centuries, in the gothic cathedrals of spain, france, germany and england mainly. the oldest stained glass windows tend to have many more pieces of glass, very colorful, with very pure and flat tones, and multitude of strips of leaded. after all, the stained glass is traced on a painting originally made by an artist different from the stained glass artists. stained-glass windows have always been associated with religious art.

Stained Glass technique s crafting Presentation

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