Mudejar Carving

Mudejar Carving in Spain

Country of the crafting :Spain

Region of the crafting :Andalucia

Type of the crafting :Wood

INDEX:?Craft characteristics ;?The technique ;?Usedmaterials;?History;?Youtubevideos; ?Gallery;CRAFT characteristics ThiscraftisnamedCarvedmudejar, cabinetmaking. ThemostimportantthingisthatallworkismadeinwoodanditistypicalinAndalucia, Spain.THE technique Thefirststepisgetthepieceofwood, thentheycreatethedesign thattheywantto sculptusinga pencilanddrawingitonthesurfaceofthewood. Usinga gougetheprofessionalsbeginto diginthecontoursofthedesign. Then, witha more starbladeinthethinnerpartsofthewoodtheydo thesame. Witha flatleafgougetheyhaveto godeeperandusinga round shapedgougetheyfixthepartsthatare notperfect.Oncetheyhavecravedthewoodtheymustpaintitwithchineseink.
USEDMATERIALS.›Brushedwoodboard;›Gouges;›Flat;›Round gouges;›Wetbrushorsponge;›Pencil;›Inkorpaint;›Sand.
HISTORYIt is an autochthonous and exclusively Hispanic phenomenon, which manifested itself in both structural and decorative architectural elements and in the preference for the use of certain materials. Despite its name, there is no direct relationship between this style and the Mudejarpopulation of the Middle Ages.
Mudejar Carving crafting Presentation

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