Pottery In Cazorla

Pottery In Cazorla in Spain

Country of the crafting: Spain
Region of the crafting: Andalusia
Town of the crafting: Cazorla
Type of the crafting: Glass, ceramic and pottery

1. Geographic Area
The ceramic is made in Cazorla a place of andalusia where there is abundant nature.

2. Craft characteristics
In Cazorla the pottery after being many hours polishing the piece and giving it the appropriate shape is usually written on where they have been made or drawings on the Area after it is usually given a special marble.

3. The technique
Ceramic pieces are usually made with a lathe and water to speak the clay in an easier way and be able to shape

4. History
In Cazorla, handmade pottery is one of the most recognized things in the mountains is very traditional than in the villages. But it is not one of the important sources of income usually comes from tourism but that tourism usually buys those ceramic works.

Usually handmade pottery is usually done by artisanal masters such as clay and usually used on a lathe for easier use one of the master craftsmen of ceramics is Juan Martinez Villaca├▒as. He has dedicated his whole life to work and research in the potter trade, offering a job that tries to be faithful to an ancient tradition while continuing to contribute to this profession the spirit of our time and technical advances.

6. Video

Pottery In Cazorla crafting Presentation

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