Huelva Carved Wooden Utensils

Carved Wooden Utensils in Spain

Country of the crafting: Spain
Region of the crafting: Andalucia
Town of the crafting: Huelva
Type of the crafting: Wood

1. What is wood carving?
Wood carving is a handmade technique that has been used for many years. the works of art that are made with the best woods are not only beautiful, but also have multiple uses. Next, everything related to wood carving will be analyzed. Therefore if you are one of the fans of this art

2. The history of wood carving
Indications have been found that in the Middle Ages some European countries implemented the technique of wood carving. These were used very often in Christian iconography. However, in the USA, American Indians have already made a large number of objects in wood since ancient times. These were the mouthpieces of the pipes and the hooks for fishing. But these natives were not the only ones, since the Polynesians used wood carving to make their oars. These discoveries have shown that since ancient times the human being has used wood in multiple ways. Moving from the typical and necessary utensils of the daily life, such as spoons and tools, to the different artistic manifestations.

3. How is wood carving done?
Carving is an art that only the best artisans can do excellently. However, those interested in wood carving can try to do small works with their hands. With a lot of practice, dedication and time you can be a great carver.

4. Safety rules for wood carving
The safety standards that must be taken at the time of wood carving are simple. But at the same time very essential to avoid an accident. Learn what they are and put it into practice: Wear special footwear for work. Grasp the cutting tools at the center, especially where the blade joins the handle. Have bandages or any dressing on hand. When having a gouge in hand, avoid pointing or speaking. When using a mallet, make sure that the cutting tool is on another surface. Mainly because when the blows are caused, it can jump and fall to the ground. Possess good lighting, if it is natural much better. But if the case is that it is artificial then you must take all precautions with the cables. The gouge must be held by both hands. In this way, there is no risk that a hand will be in front, thus avoiding possible accidents.

Carved Wooden Utensils crafting Presentation

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