Smell of Leather

Smell of Leather in Spain

Country of the crafting: Spain
Region of the crafting: Andalucía
Town of the crafting: Huelva
Type of the crafting: Fur and skin

1. Location and History
Leather can come from: cows, sheep , pigs, and of exotic animals for example: alligators, ostriches, who are killed for their meat and skin in China, a country thet exports the skins of these animals to the whole world. Natural leather is the skin that covers the meat of animals after tanning and prepared for its conservation and domestic and industrial use.

2. Process and technique
Tanning is the process of converting putrescible leather, tradionally with tannin, an acidic chemical compound that prevents decomposition and often gives color. the skin layer is separeted from the body of the animals, the hair or wool is removed, the final result and subsequently subjected to a tanning process.

3. Used Materials 
It stands out for being an effective, resistant, comfortable and long-lasting material, although it is also an expensive material. Within the leather, we can find different types, although all come from animal skin that must be treated correctly to get a quality product.

Smell of Leather crafting Presentation

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