Saddle in Spain

Country of the crafting: Spain
Region of the crafting: Andalusia
Town of the crafting: Ubrique
Type of the crafting: Fur and skin

1. Saddle characteristics
The characteristics that a saddle should have are: the destination in which we are going to ride, the shape of the seat (concave and narrow / flat and wide), the weight of the saddle, the materials and the size of the riding chair.

2. The technique
Make a design of the chair you want to create, measure the back of the horse in which you are going to use the chair (make sure you have it written) Mark the measure ment sand cut the wood into slats (no more than 10.16cm wide) Soak the wood for 24 hours to make the conformation process more flexible, then fold the wood in its saddle trees hape and mark the place where the slats intersect each other. Make a hole at the ends of the slats where align together and fix them with leather straps and glue. Do this with one piece and one side at a time, so that the chair tilts and aligns correctly. Let the wood dry and harden 72 hours. Wrap the wood in wet raw leather and then sew firmly with leather straps. The leather is tightened when it dries so that there is more stability and so you would have your perfect chair

3. Used materials
The materials normally used are the arzon, pieces of wood which will get wet for flexibility, thread and leather.

4. History
The first riders did not have chairs but they cavalgated bare back. the leather saddle was invented more than 2000 years ago by the warriors of the Asian steppes. This invention revolutionized the art of horse riding. Mounted on this chair, the warriors could fight more effectively, as the falls of the horses decreased.

5. Youtube video

Saddle crafting Presentation

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