Forge of Jaén

Forge of Jaén in Spain Country of the crafting :Spain Region of the crafting :Andalucia Town of the crafting :Jaen Type of the crafting :Metal and ironwork Category:Metal and Forge.Country:Jaen.Provided by:Siderurgy.Source:Internet. technique for producing fine or tool steel. the earliest known use of the technique occurred in India and central Asia in the early 1st […]

Spain. Lagartera Embroidery

Spain. Lagartera Embroidery in Spain Country of the crafting: Spain Type of the crafting: Textile Region of the crafting: Toledo Town of the crafting: Lagartera Lagartera is a Spanish municipality in the province of Toledo, in the autonomous community of Castilla La Mancha. The steps of the Lagartera classic handicraft process range from the fraying […]

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