Carved Wooden Utensils of Huelva

Carved Wooden Utensils of Huelva in Spain

Country of the crafting :Spain

Region of the crafting :Andalucia

Town of the crafting :Huelva

Type of the crafting :Wood

The steps for making carved wooden utensils are:1.Choose the properly tipe of wood2.Cut the wood and prepared to curve the wood3.Clean the Wood4.Paint in the wood the size of the utensil5.Cut the paint6.Empty the utensil7.Dry the utensils8.Sand the utensil and apply the special oil.The used materials:Wood Sandpaper Oil-Mountain Range Axe.Prehistoric diners used sharp stones, some made sharper by chipping to cut food. Coastal tribes used shells. A stick fastened to a shell provided a longer reach and protection from hot foods, and hollowed horns of sheep and goats were used to hold liquids, all which might have been the beginnings of the spoon.But humans were born with very useful, built-in eating tools at the ends of our arms!Carved Wooden Utensils of Huelva crafting Presentation

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